Who Will Own Your Farm in 10 Years?

Who will own your farm in 10 years? Farm succession planning

Who will own your farm in 10 years?

Designed to make you stop and think, this question instantly conjures images of the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. But what if we told you the only way to get as close as possible to your desired outcome is to get proactive about your succession plan?

Farm Succession Planning: An Introduction

Farm Succession Planning

An Introduction to Farm Succession Planning | In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the essentials of farm succession planning, helping you chart a course that preserves your legacy, focuses on family harmony, and ensures a smooth transition of farm ownership and management from one generation to the next.

Farm Yarns with Jack Cresswell of the Farms Advice Podcast

Matt Meehan Armidale Accountant walking through a paddock of cows.

We’re thrilled to share the transcript from a compelling podcast featuring our founder, Matt Meehan on the Farms Advice Podcast hosted by Jack Cresswell.
As an authoritative voice in agribusiness and financial planning, Matt lends his extensive expertise and personal anecdotes to this insightful conversation.

How to Build an Emergency Fund For Your Farm

A field of grain on sunset

An important element of creating wealth and building financial security, is having an emergency fund available.

An emergency fund is a stash of money put aside to be used in times of emergency, such as illness, the loss of income, or unexpected expenses.

How to Balance Farm Debt and Business Growth

A picture of a field of wheat at sunrise with a farmer in a red flannelette running his hand along the wheat.

How do you grow a multi-million-dollar operation you can pass down to future generations, without passing on the mountain of debt you borrowed to acquire it? While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are a few strategies available that can help.

How to create a plan for your farm business

The purpose of this image is to express the importance of having a plan in place for different situations.

A farm business plan is more than a document. It’s a road map, and if followed, has the potential to change your life and the lives of the generations that come after you.

Why We Need To Talk About Farm Insurance

The purpose of this image is to describe the feeling of passing something down to the younger generation

One of the most foundational things we need to consider in farming is the risk of the key person involved in the business. By taking out insurance, we can help mitigate that risk.

How Much Will I Need When I Retire?

I’m often asked this question when discussing retirement and estate planning with a client, and it’s a difficult question to answer.
Thats why I often turn the question right on its head and ask a question of my own.

How To Start Your Farms Estate Plan

This image is used to show it's relevance to Australian farmers

When going to your accountant or your lawyer, you must have done the homework yourselves. You must have got together as a family and had those discussions, talked things through, and thought about the future.

Farm Transition And Estate Planning

The purpose of this image is to show friendship, team work and agreement

Farm transition and estate planning can be complex and confronting, but it doesn’t have to be. This month we are focusing on Estate Planning, and I wanted to share this story with about a fifth generation farming family I am currently working with.

Who Will Own Your Farm In 10 Years?

Who Will Own Your Farm In 10 Years?

Who will own your farm in 10 years?
Welcome to our series on Estate Planning.
Estate Planning is not just about your will, it’s about your assets, who or what owns them and how. Read this blog to learn more

How To Avoid Succession Planning Disaster

Father with son on his shoulders standing in a grass field

One question that I get asked a lot is about how to avoid Succession Planning disaster.

I’ve seen a few disasters in my time, and it’s unfortunate.

Often, it’s those situations where family members are no longer talking.

3 Ways To Have Better Meetings

People talking with their hands

Today I want to talk to you about the tools that help me have better meetings with my clients.

These tools can also be used in our everyday life, whether we’re having discussions with our clients, family members, friends, or our team.

Habits Can Make Or Break Us

Man standing on top of a mountain overlooking the horizon, celebrating success

Habits Can Make Or Break Us Today I want to share the habits that shape my day as a Financial Planner and Business owner. Below you’ll find some interesting points on how our habits can make or break us, including tips on creating better habits, links to two good books, and a glimpse into my […]

Getting Your Book Work Up-To-Date

Dog in field

In the lead up to the end of financial year, it’s important that you get your book work organised. We’ve put together a short post to help you.

3 Super Strategies for Farmers

Happy farmer holding daughter in his arms

Making Super contributions a part of your tax planning strategy is a great way to boost your savings while potentially saving on tax. These 3 super strategies can help you save on tax while increasing your superannuation.

Top 5 Tax Planning Tips

Top 5 Tax Planning tips for farmers

With the improvement in prices, seasons, and low interest rates, cash flow is looking really good for farmers this year. This is why it’s important to get on top of your tax planning and get on top of it early.