Why We Need To Talk About Farm Insurance

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One of the most foundational things we need to consider in farming is the risk of the key person involved in the business. By taking out insurance, we can help mitigate that risk.

How Much Will I Need When I Retire?

I’m often asked this question when discussing retirement and estate planning with a client, and it’s a difficult question to answer.
Thats why I often turn the question right on its head and ask a question of my own.

Farm Transition And Estate Planning

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Farm transition and estate planning can be complex and confronting, but it doesn’t have to be. This month we are focusing on Estate Planning, and I wanted to share this story with about a fifth generation farming family I am currently working with.

How To Avoid Succession Planning Disaster

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One question that I get asked a lot is about how to avoid Succession Planning disaster.

I’ve seen a few disasters in my time, and it’s unfortunate.

Often, it’s those situations where family members are no longer talking.

Interest: A Cost or An Investment

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Recognising there are ways you can leverage your farm to increase your net wealth down the track is just one strategy farmers are using to grow their farming business.

Improving Your Farms Cashflow

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Improving Your Farms Cashflow As a starting point, let’s talk about the importance of cashflow forecasting and preparing a cashflow budget.    Because without these, how do you know how your cashflow is going to look?    The first thing we do with our clients is to get an understanding of what is happening on the farm […]

Growth Opportunities For Your Farm

Growth Opportunities For Your Farm

Growth Opportunities For Your Farm Today, I want to look into growth opportunities for your farm through purchasing more country versus increasing productivity.  As you know, the price of land has gone up significantly in recent times. Dollars per cow area or dollars per average yield of grain have become more expensive in terms of […]